Giant EDU-Block Building Blocks

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  • Age Suitability: 2+ and adults; encourages sharing amongst children
  • Participation: individuals and excellent adult team building exercises 
  • Activity Level: low

Giant EDU-Block Building Blocks (50 Blocks)

'LEGO style' blocks adds a new, bigger dimension to construction. These blocks are made from a unique soft, durable material. It is safe and quiet; ideal both indoors and out.

The real brick sized (19 x 9.5 x 7cm) Soft blocks allow small hands to build large projects. Build a playhouse, set up an activities course of childrens games, park your trike in its own garage, the possibilities are endless.

Join sets together to expand your construction zone. These blocks allow children to build walls, towers, furniture and so much more, all of which are very stable and strong enough for children to sit on, stand on or step up.

* EDU-Blocks are durable and washable,
* Each set contains 50 pieces
* Suitable for 3-4 children to share.
* Suits ages 2+

Key Learning Values:

* Developing gross manipulative and gross motor skills
* Spatial awareness
* Developing balancing, jumping, climbing, crawling skills
* Cooperation and teamwork

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