4 Team Tug of War Rope

  • Age Suitability: 12+
  • Participation: team; adults and teenagers
  • Activity Level: High
  • Hire Cost:
  • Day: $55.00 Extra Day $20.00
  • Next Available: 22/10/20
Current Store Time: 2020-10-20 23:07:25

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4 Team Tug of War Rope

Fun and exciting gross-motor activity, great for Team games and activities.

Made from high specification 2.5cm diameter manila rope this product adds a whole new dimension to traditional tug-of-war competitions.

Each of the 4 legs measures 6m, the center rope box measures 3m across, and each leg includes a 2m anchor eye.

Young children are not advised to use the rope, soft hands can rope burn easily and little ones may injure in a fall.


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